Blog 3 : feeling free

Today started with normal routine but because tomorrow is voting day hence some ppl came today morning to talk to my dad about regional politics.

I was writing my that stupid assignment of jurisprudence and i heard what are the talking abt

Then i started watching the new series on netflix named ‘sex education’

Its fine but i didn’t able to find any good series on netflix i think i should start watching string things

Now tomorrow is voting day i m thinking going early in morning near 7:00 o’clock my vote is fixed its not gona change

Blog 02 : last day of exam

Today was a last day of my exams it was just a sectional though.

I saw the my yesterday’s dsbm paper and it was good sir said that i can do better but its fine i got 11 and half marks

If i have got time little more i can earn some extra mark’s.

Now i m back at home feeling free. Now just get the news that the hindu mahasabha leader kamlesh tiwari’s murder case the up police said that some peaceful community molana was arrested and in Gujarat ATS team arrested some terrorist from same peaceful community.

Ok now just completed my assignment first part i have to complete whole assignment in two days

I hate it.. 😒

Feeling awful

Today is my second last day of first sectionals exams. Today’s test subject was DSBM i wrote paper very promptly but just after the test our HOD jaiswal sir distributed our yesterday’s test papers it was jurisprudence i thought i will get at least 15 marks out of 20  but i got only 5 and half i feel awwfulNow tomorrow our last paper on hcp hospital and comunity pharmacy but its easy i think the distribution of papers will be take place just after the test. I wish i will get good marks in dsbm  & hcp Today is also a second last day of our state Maharashtras assembly elections on Monday voting is gona happen I already decided to vote to bjp shivsena alliance I don’t know much abt the candidate of my area but her name is fiske she fouth the nagardyadhs elections and won I also saw news on twitter that a hindu mahasabha leader name kamlesh tiwari was shot dead who actually kill him i don’t know but most of the ppl of RW saying that he was killed by some person from peaceful community A trend #kamleshtiwari was going on crazy abt it the is already 225k twits abt it And it happened in locknow a captal of up whos chief minister is yogi adityanathNot a single media House is taking abt it accept sudarshan Hence i m feeling awwful…..